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Software is business critical. Whether a business makes software or uses it – software has the capacity to either augment or ruin a business. Yet few companies have technical leadership skill in-house, and this often has disastrous consequences for software implementation

Carnedd are technical leadership company based in North Wales. We provide Technical Leadership as a Service (TLaaS) and bespoke software development to help your company achieve its goals. Our services include bespoke software development, technical leadership, external testing and feasibility studies.

By designing and building bespoke software for your business, we help businesses optimize their operations and increase efficiency. We take pride in providing a tailored, down-to-earth service to make our clients' lives easier.

We are a diverse team, each with different technical, commercial and academic backgrounds. A key part of our success is that every member of the team codes and has a deep understanding of the technology we use, but what sets us apart is our ability to communicate complex technical issues and principles in a straightforward, jargon-free way. This allows our team of experienced software developers and technical leaders to lead the way and provide expert guidance when it comes to using technology in your business. Our technical leadership offering ranges from advice on technical debt management, operational planning and regulatory compliance to mentoring developers, providing recruitment strategy and coaching business leaders.

At Carnedd, we place great importance on ethical and sustainable business practices. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and practicing social responsibility. We believe that a positive work environment leads to better results for our clients and a more fulfilling work experience for our employees.



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Edward Aslin


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Anthony Stanyer

Junior Developer




Edd from Carnedd has been working with our Digital team for about 7 years. In that time he’s provided us with so much great technical leadership, sound advice and consistently excellent mentoring to our Developers that he has become invaluable to the digital side of our business. He’s great to work with, and we consider Carnedd an extension of our team.

Rhodri Burridge, Creative Services Director

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