Enhancing Patient Communications: A Feasibility Study in Collaboration with a Local Area Hospital Board

We recently collaborated with a local area hospital board to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. The primary objective was to assess the viability of leveraging software solutions to address patient communications challenges within the hospital's ecosystem.

Understanding User Requirements:

To ensure a thorough understanding of the hospital's unique requirements, we actively engaged with NHS administrative staff and clinicians. By collaborating closely with them, we gained valuable insights into their pain points, expectations, processes and constraints allowing us to effectively map out how software could potentially address their needs.

Leveraging Expertise:

Drawing upon our extensive network and expertise, we sought guidance from both past and present doctors, clinicians, and stakeholders from neighbouring sectors. These consultations provided invaluable perspectives, helping us refine and expand our ideas. Harnessing the power of collaboration to build effective solutions is an important part of our approach.

Working within Constraints:

Operating within the complex system of the NHS necessitated careful consideration of resource limitations, budgetary constraints, and technical capabilities. Our approach focused on proposing solutions that aligned with the reality of the situation. Rather than presenting an unrealistic "blue-sky" software solution, we strived to develop pragmatic options that could be readily adopted and integrated into existing workflows.


At the conclusion of the three-month engagement, we presented our comprehensive findings to the hospital board. Our deliverables included a detailed roadmap outlining how the health board could leverage software to address their communication challenges effectively. Additionally, we provided architecture diagrams illustrating a secure and robust cloud-based system that could seamlessly integrate with the hospital's existing software infrastructure.

Services Provided:

In this engagement, we provided the following services:

Feasibility Study:

Conducting a thorough assessment of the hospital's communication challenges and proposing practical software-based solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Technical Leadership:

Leveraging our technical expertise, we guided the hospital board through the process of implementing and integrating software solutions within their existing infrastructure.


Through our collaborative approach, deep industry knowledge, and consideration of real-world constraints, we empowered the local area hospital board with actionable insights and a clear roadmap for enhancing patient communications. By providing practical software solutions and technical leadership, we strive to drive positive change and improve healthcare outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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