Scaling Success: Empowering a VC-Backed SaaS Startup through Project Rescue, AWS Architecture, and Ongoing Support

We were engaged by a venture capitalist-backed SaaS startup with ambitious growth plans. The client had initially outsourced the development of a proof of concept to an Indian firm but had faced challenges in gaining control of the project and stabilising the code base in preparation for a critical launch expected by investors.

Project Rescue and Stabilisation:

Taking over the project, our primary objective was to stabilise the code base and ensure its security and reliability. We implemented rigorous quality assurance measures, performed code reviews, and resolved critical issues to ensure the project's stability. Through our expertise, we successfully managed to bring the project back on track, meeting the hard launch deadline.

Recruitment Strategy and Team Management:

During the project rescue phase, we also assisted the client in building their own development team. We reviewed CVs, participated in technical interviews, and provided valuable insights to help the client identify candidates with the right skill sets and mindset. Once the developers were onboarded, we facilitated a smooth transition by handing over the existing project to them and supporting their integration into the team. We gradually shifted from direct management to a mentorship role, providing guidance and support as they gained autonomy over the project.

AWS Architecture and Operational Support:

To ensure scalability, robustness, and security, we architected the system in alignment with AWS best practices. Leveraging our expertise in cloud infrastructure, we designed an architecture that allowed for seamless deployment of updates, ensuring the client's agility and adaptability. We continue to take ownership of the AWS architecture, handling its operation and maintenance. This enables the in-house team to focus on developing new and innovative features, with the confidence that the underlying architecture is well-maintained and can be easily adapted when needed.

Stakeholder Mentoring and Technical Guidance:

Our ability to effectively communicate and mentor both technical and non-technical stakeholders proved instrumental in this engagement. Drawing on our extensive experience in building and running SaaS platforms, we shared valuable insights with the client's staff, enabling them to make informed technical decisions. Our mentorship extended beyond the development team, benefiting the entire organisation.

On-Going Code Support and Project Outsourcing:

We provide the development team with ad-hoc support, acting as an "extra pair of hands" when additional resources are needed. This flexible arrangement allows the client to outsource specific projects to us, confident in our ability to turn their briefs into high-quality functioning code without the financial commitment of taking on another member of staff themselves which could be inefficient and prohibitive for a startup.

Services Provided:

In this engagement, we provided the following services:

Project rescue:

Stabilising the code base and ensuring project success.

Recruitment strategy:

Assisting in finding the right talent for the development team.

Developer management:

Transitioning to mentorship and providing ongoing support.

AWS architecture:

Designing scalable, secure, and adaptable cloud infrastructure.

Stakeholder mentoring:

Guiding non-technical stakeholders in making informed decisions.

On-going code support:

Continuous maintenance, bug fixing, security updates, and enhancements of software code after deployment to ensure its reliability and effectiveness throughout its lifecycle.


Through our comprehensive project rescue efforts, technical leadership, and ongoing support, we successfully helped the VC startup overcome significant challenges and achieve their desired outcomes. Our collaborative approach, coupled with our deep industry expertise, enabled the client to regain control of the project, build a talented development team, and establish a robust AWS infrastructure. With our ongoing partnership, we continue to contribute to the client's success by providing mentorship, code support, and project outsourcing as required.

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Working with Edd and his team is a breath of fresh air. Whilst being awesome developers and incredibly professional, they also have a firm understanding of the commercial elements of running a business with tech as the enabler; they internalise and respond very quickly as demands in this respect evolve. Very happy to recommend.

Anna Roberts CEO

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