AWS Consultation & Architecting Services

We are a technical consultancy with AWS certified developers. Able to consult on all aspects of AWS.

We have years of experience architecting websites and SaaS on the platform, and our developers have been through AWS led classroom training and certification.

How does AWS architecture work with Carnedd?

You set up an AWS account for your company, and you contract us to architect it and maintain it for you. This way, you retain complete control of your infrastructure and are only charged for the AWS services you use. You are billed directly by AWS, and we add no markup. You pay us to architect the infrastructure.

Getting Started With AWS

We only architect on the AWS platform, so everything we build is hosted on AWS. We can help you plan, architect and maintain your AWS account.

Migration to AWS

If you already have infrastructure elsewhere on the net, we can help you migrate from your current service provider to AWS.

Existing AWS Account Review & Maintenance

If you have an existing AWS account, we can review it to ensure it is architected in line with AWS best practices and the six pillars of the AWS well-architected Framework; operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation and sustainability.

Once this preliminary work is carried out. We can then help you maintain your AWA account on an ongoing basis.

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