Developer Mentoring

Since 2012 Carnedd director Edward Aslin has been mentoring developers on behalf of clients. Assisting them in handling their day-to-day challenges, and imbuing them with values that will help them in succeeding in their role.

This service has typically proven very valuable to businesses within small developments teams, who lack a mentor with relevant technical expertise.

Topics and areas often covered in mentoring sessions include

  • Strategies for managing the expectations of and communicating with none technical colleagues
  • Implementation of workflow and processes within their work
  • Managing workload
  • Managing code bases
  • Code review
  • Working practises to maximise output of work
  • Pairing soft skills with technical ones
  • A lot of Encouragement
  • General tech chat with somebody who is genuinely quite interested

Through regular mentoring sessions, we can deliver you healthier, happier dev teams which will drive your business forward.

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