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As an investor looking to fund promising startups, you understand the importance of making well-informed decisions. At Carnedd we offer valuable assistance to investors like you, providing due diligence on potential investment opportunities while offering guidance to maximise the success of the companies you choose to support.

Expert Due Diligence:

Navigating the dynamic startup landscape requires a keen eye for potential and risk. Our consultancy specialises in conducting comprehensive due diligence on the startups you are considering investing in. We meticulously assess their technical offerings, evaluating the feasibility, scalability, and market readiness of their software solutions. By performing in-depth analyses, we provide you with the assurance needed to make sound investment choices.

Technical Expertise and Mentorship:

With extensive experience operating in the startup space, building development teams, and creating and maintaining software as a service (SaaS), we possess a profound understanding of the challenges startups face. Our team of experts is well-equipped to competently assess a company's technical capabilities, ensuring they can deliver what they promise to investors. Additionally, we collaborate with startups, offering our technical expertise to guide them through the common pitfalls encountered when establishing a software-based business.

Maximizing Startup Success:

At Carnedd, we believe in nurturing startups to reach their full potential. Beyond providing due diligence, we actively engage with key stakeholders in the companies you invest in. By mentoring these stakeholders, we assist them in refining their technical strategies, optimizing development teams, and aligning their technology roadmap with business goals. Our partnership approach aims to enhance the startups' chances of success, benefiting both the entrepreneurs and the investors.

Transparent and Insightful Reports:

When investing your capital, you deserve clear and comprehensive insights. Our due diligence reports provide transparent assessments of the technical strengths and weaknesses of each startup. We present our findings in a language that both technical and non-technical investors can understand, enabling you to make well-informed investment decisions confidently.

Strategic Investment Recommendations:

With our expertise in the startup ecosystem, we go beyond traditional due diligence reports. We offer strategic investment recommendations based on technical assessments and growth potential. Whether you are seeking short-term gains or long-term partnerships, we can assist you in identifying startups with the most promising technical foundations for sustainable success.

If you seek assurance and wish to maximize the potential of your investments in startups, get in touch. Our technical insights, due diligence expertise, and commitment to guiding startups toward success make us your reliable ally in the dynamic world of startup investments.

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Working with Edd and his team is a breath of fresh air. Whilst being awesome developers and incredibly professional, they also have a firm understanding of the commercial elements of running a business with tech as the enabler; they internalise and respond very quickly as demands in this respect evolve. Very happy to recommend.

Anna Roberts CEO

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