For VC-Backed Startups

We understand that the journey from securing venture capital to building a successful software product can be both exciting and challenging. At Carnedd we specialise in assisting VC-backed startups to navigate the complexities of software development, making sure that you get off to a strong start.

Accelerating Development Initiatives:

We understand that time is of the essence for startups aiming to make a mark in the market. As your trusted partner, we can help you to accelerate your development initiatives, ensuring that you achieve crucial milestones efficiently. Our technical expertise allows us to streamline the development process, minimising delays and maximizing your product's time-to-market.

Scalable and Future-Ready Solutions:

Venture capital backing often comes with high expectations for rapid growth. Our team specialises in creating scalable and future-ready solutions that can adapt to your startup's evolving needs. Whether you require a scalable architecture to handle increasing user demand or advanced technologies to stay ahead of the competition, we've got you covered.

Nurturing Development Teams:

For businesses who plan to use in-house development teams, building and maintaining the right team is fundamental to your startup's success. We can assist you in nurturing and empowering your technical talent. We provide mentorship, training, and guidance to help your developers reach their full potential, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within your organisation.

Quality Assurance and Code Review:

Investors and users alike expect a polished and reliable software product. Our meticulous quality assurance and code review processes ensure that your software meets the highest industry standards. By thoroughly assessing every aspect of your product, we eliminate potential issues early in the development lifecycle, safeguarding your reputation and user satisfaction.

Continuous Support and Partnership:

At Carnedd, we believe in forming lasting partnerships with our clients – nearly a decade later we still regularly work with our very first clients. Beyond the initial development phase, we continue to support and collaborate with your startup. We have experience in working with businesses of varying sizes and at different stages and our services are designed to grow with you. This approach gives you crucial stability, and trusted advisors on hand who already know you and understand your business.

If your VC-backed startup needs technical excellence to turn your vision into reality, get in touch.

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Carnedd were one of 5 successful companies to be awarded a contract as part of our SBRI Project aimed at improving communications for patients and their loved ones. SBRI is all about collaboration and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Megan and Edd who showed their enthusiasm and impressive technical expertise throughout this short project.

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