API Integrations

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift towards specialized services that excel in performing specific tasks. However, a challenge then arises in integrating and consolidating information from these disparate systems, enabling them to communicate effectively with each other.

While APIs provide a means to extract data from various sources, often the data requires transformation, reporting upon, or transmission to another service. This is where Carnedd's expertise lies. We have extensive experience in bridging the gap between different systems by leveraging APIs, ensuring seamless and reliable communication between them.

Our approach involves leveraging serverless technologies available on the AWS platform. By utilizing serverless architecture, you only incur compute costs when the APIs are actively engaged in the communication process. This eliminates the need for permanent provisioning of additional servers, resulting in significant cost savings for your organization.

We can help you to consolidate and unify data from diverse systems, allowing them to work in harmony. Whether it's extracting data from one service and transforming it for consumption by another, or facilitating real-time communication between multiple systems, we have the expertise to ensure smooth integration and efficient data flow.

By enabling these systems to "speak" to each other, Carnedd empowers your organization with a cohesive ecosystem of specialized services that work together seamlessly. Say goodbye to siloed data and disconnected processes and embrace the power of integrated systems for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.


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As a small company we found ourselves needing expert advice from a CTO, but we didn't have the requirements for a full time role. This is where Edd at Carnedd has been brilliant. He's been able to give us the knowledge and expertise to help drive the workflows, be a sounding board for our team and drive us forward. Professional, helpful and a valuable resource for our company,

Anna Burke, Director, Animated Technologies

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