DevOps is a collaborative and holistic approach to software development that fosters seamless coordination between development, testing, deployment, and infrastructure management teams.

At Carnedd, we recognise the transformative power of DevOps in driving efficiency and delivering value to our clients. By breaking down traditional silos and promoting cross-functional collaboration, DevOps enables us to accelerate software delivery while maintaining a focus on quality and reliability.

Through our DevOps practices, we integrate automated tools and processes into every stage of the software development lifecycle. This automation not only streamlines repetitive tasks but also reduces the risk of human error, enabling us to consistently produce high-quality software. Embracing a culture of continuous integration and continuous deployment, lets us ensure that code changes are frequently and automatically tested and deployed to production. This iterative approach means we can rapidly adapt to changing requirements and customer feedback, providing our clients with software that stays ahead of the curve.

DevOps is not just about technology; it's about people and collaboration. Our skilled DevOps engineers and consultants work closely with our clients' teams to foster a culture of transparency, trust, and continuous improvement. DevOps practices inform every part of the way we work, whether that is internally, or within our client relationships where we put DevOps into practice by continually sharing knowledge, best practices, and insights with our clients.

As part of our technical leadership offering, we can advise and support you in embracing DevOps principles and transitioning to DevOps ways of working within your business. We do this by assessing your current situation, developing a DevOps strategy tailored to your business and supporting you through the implementation of a people first transition. We know how much DevOps principles support and benefit Carnedd, and we love to share these benefits with our clients and watch them achieve greater agility, faster time-to-market, and enhanced customer satisfaction.



As a small company we found ourselves needing expert advice from a CTO, but we didn't have the requirements for a full time role. This is where Edd at Carnedd has been brilliant. He's been able to give us the knowledge and expertise to help drive the workflows, be a sounding board for our team and drive us forward. Professional, helpful and a valuable resource for our company,

Anna Burke, Director, Animated Technologies

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