Software Feasibility Studies

Are you facing challenges in your business and wondering if technology can help find a solution? At Carnedd we have extensive experience in developing custom software from scratch. However, we also understand that software is not always the answer to every problem.

Our team is here to assist you in analysing the issues you're encountering in your business and determine whether technology can provide a viable solution. We thoroughly assess the feasibility of solving these problems using technology and evaluate the compatibility of new technological solutions with your existing systems.

In addition to evaluating feasibility, we can also provide you with indicative costs and timelines. We understand that implementing bespoke technology involves both literal and figurative costs. Our experts can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications and other associated considerations of adopting tailor-made technology to meet your specific business requirements.



Edd from Carnedd has been working with our Digital team for about 7 years. In that time he’s provided us with so much great technical leadership, sound advice and consistently excellent mentoring to our Developers that he has become invaluable to the digital side of our business. He’s great to work with, and we consider Carnedd an extension of our team.

Rhodri Burridge, Creative Services Director

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