Technical Debt Management

Technical debt is a byproduct of software development.

Even with the best intentions, technical debt can accumulate over time.

If you are at the bottom of a technical debt-induced downward spiral, it can feel impossible to find your way back out.

At this point, drastic action is required. Carnedd can help you make the changes required to break free of your technical debt.

First, we help you understand how the technical debt accrued in the first place, so we can develop strategies to reduce reoccurrences.

We can then work with you to put in place the workflows and processes required to keep technical debt at manageable levels.

Finally, we can mentor and support your team to refactor your projects, transitioning from your current methodologies to the new ones.



Carnedd were one of 5 successful companies to be awarded a contract as part of our SBRI Project aimed at improving communications for patients and their loved ones. SBRI is all about collaboration and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Megan and Edd who showed their enthusiasm and impressive technical expertise throughout this short project.

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