For the last decade, our staff have cut their teeth on WordPress CMS. We have seen it through many iterations, and have considerable experience building custom themes and plugins from scratch.

It’s no longer the first tool we reach for when starting new projects. However, due to demand, we do rescue existing WordPress builds and can architect new websites on the platform too.

Making a science of WordPress

Our AWS certified team, have experience decoupling WordPress, to make it horizontally scaleable. We have had great success building automated pipelines and deployment processes for WordPress, too.

We have developed very specific ways of working with WordPress to ensure reliability and security of the platform.

We are a little picky about WordPress

WordPress is super easy to use, which means some WordPress projects can be in a bit of a state after being handled by less exacting development teams. As a result we are a little picky about the WordPress projects we take on. If you have a WordPress project that needs rescuing, get jn touch and we will be happy to consider helping.

Tech Stack.


As a small company we found ourselves needing expert advice from a CTO, but we didn't have the requirements for a full time role. This is where Edd at Carnedd has been brilliant. He's been able to give us the knowledge and expertise to help drive the workflows, be a sounding board for our team and drive us forward. Professional, helpful and a valuable resource for our company,

Anna Burke, Director, Animated Technologies

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